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Ambre Blends Essential Oil Perfume

Ambre Blends Essential Oil Perfume

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12 ml perfume with an applicator specifically designed to dispense the exact amount of essence oil you need to radiate your Ambre Blends scent all day long! More importantly, the pump encourages you to actively rub in the Essence Oil, creating the friction and heat necessary to immediately activate the aroma of Ambre Blends. Your body heat and chemistry will take it from there!


  • made with all natural pure in certified organic ingredients
  • Average of three months of used in each bottle
  • One pump dispenses the perfect amount of essence oil to last all day
  • Perfect for carrying in pockets, purses, etc.
  • Pump applicator is easily removable for refill from the 30 mL bottle
  • Volume approval approved for air travel
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